Communication Campaigns

Social Distancing due to Covid 19 is making our neighbors feel like they are alone.


Below are some examples of things you can do to let them know even though we need to be 6 feet apart, we are still here for you.


 These can earn you 30 minutes to 4 hours of volunteer time, a certificate of completion and better the satisfaction that you have made a ripple to put a smile on someones face.   Once you select the project that is right for you you will need to


1) Print the instructions for tips and more details

2) Click on the "Sign up" next to the Campaign you would like

3) Hold your event, be sure to take many pictures!!

4) Send us an email at with your pictures and stories of your completed event


Create Birthday Cards for Foster Kiddos

When you've experienced trauma, abuse or hardship, birthdays aren't always the celebration they should be.  For some children and families they have never received a birthday card but you can change that.  Spend a few minutes as a family to create some magical birthday cards to show these kiddos that they are cared for.  This event will earn 30 minutes of volunteer time unless you have done more than 5 cards, then it is one hour and a certificate of completion. 

Print Instructions

Organize A Virtual Bingo or Variety Show for Seniors

Are you a performing and miss being on the stage? This is for you!  Our Seniors have not been allowed Visitors in months but we can let them know we are thinking of them and even offer them a few laughs through virtual shows.  Bingo, Singing, Juggling, dancing it is up to you.  Maybe your friends all want to join in virtually or your family wants to play Bingo.  If this is something you are interested in, please contact with what you would like to do and when and we will work with you and our senior communities to get it set up. 

Sending Love to our Seniors

If being in front of the camera is not for you, how about being a pen pal to a senior. There are thousands of our seniors who are feeling lonely and are craving connecting.  Let them know they are not alone by becoming a pen pal.  Not only will you bring a smile to their face but you will be amazed at what you can learn and for each note you send, you will achieve 30 minutes of volunteering for every note you send.  Contact to be matched with your new pen pal and for directions and suggestions for your note. 

Smiling Senior Couple

Tutoring with Kiddos

Are you good in school, though about being a teacher?  Here is your chance to cause a ripple while getting experience. If you think tutoring is something you would like to do, this is not done through Ripple Affect but the below sites do give you volunteer hours and experience helping kids understand math or maybe English. Click on the links to learn more.

Video Story Time

A Good Story

Due to Covid 19, many shelters are no longer allowing volunteers and this means those kiddos are missing out on "Story Time".  Remember those days of having a story read and sometimes even acted out while you sat on the edge of your seat wondering what the next page held.  This is your chance to bring that joy to kiddos and earn an hour of volunteer credit.  

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