"Children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way"   Whitney Houston


Our Mission

Empowering young people to change the world one kind act at a time, making

positive ripples affecting our future leaders and the community.

Our Vision


To create a world where young people of all walks of life will discover friendships, support, responsibility, possibility and confidence through volunteering creating a positive ripple affecting the future leaders of tomorrow and building a better community today.  


We believe the future is the younger generation and when you change a child’s life it causes a ripple that can affect the world.

Ripple Affect strives to be part of the solution by empowering our future leaders through volunteering with organizations that uphold the highest standard and providing programs that strengthen our young adults and the community around us. 

In Order to do this, we are focusing on three strategic priorities:

  • WE WELCOME:  We surround our youth in a community of diversity and inclusion by caring for the world and our young leaders.  Ripple Affect inspires positive relationships so that everyone will feel encouraged and supported no matter their background or obstacles they may face.  

  • WE NURTURE:   The focus of Ripple Affect is to volunteer within the community; by doing that, we empower them to establish goals and follow through on commitments.  This expands the perspective of youth to make them aware of life’s possibilities.

  • THEY TRANSFORM:  By pursuing our vision and striving to fulfill our mission, we will help transform                                           today's youth into powerful leaders of tomorrow.

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