Donation Drives

Because of Covid 19 our community is seeing more of our neighbors struggle and even lose their homes.  Collecting donations is a quick, easy and fun way to help our neighbors in their greatest time of need.  

Below are some examples of drives you can hold at your home.  You will see we have provided flyers tips and everything you need. 


 Each drive you hold will earn you 3 volunteer hours and a certificate of completion.   Once you select the project that is right for you;


1) Print the detailed instructions

2) Click on the Sign up button and fill out the information

3) Hold your event, be sure to take many pictures!!

4) Send us an email at with your pictures and stories of your completed event

5) Have a great time, making your ripple in our community



Many people cannot obtain enough food to feed themselves and their families.  They depend on the work of food banks that store and distribute food. A canned Food drive supports those needs.  

A canned food drive is also a simple project that can be managed by kids or teens of all ages.  

Printable Instructions



Bag of Groceries

With increased food distribution, there is a need for more grocery bags!  Each set of food distributed to a neighbor uses 6-8 bags.  Collect plastic or reusable grocery store bags for use in the food pantry of citysquare.   

Printable Instructions



Many of the 3.5 million Americans who experience homelessness each year have extremely limited access to period products (pads, tampons, etc.)  In fact, period products are some of the most needed items in homeless shelters across the country. You can make your ripple by collecting unopened packages of period products and donate them

Printable Instructions


Host a Dr. Seuss Book Drive

In some low-income neighborhoods, there is only one book for every 300 children.  So why Dr. Seuss?  Because he is the man with the plan, the plan to familiarize young readers with valuable literary devices, like alliteration, metaphor, and of course, rhyme!

Printable Instructions


Happy Kids with Books

Snack Bags with Art

Here is a great way to show your creativity.  Decorating snack bags and filling them for children and families affected by homelessness.  This is a wonderful family project for all ages.  

Printable Instructions