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Social Distancing due to Covid 19 is making our neighbors feel like they are alone.


Below are some examples of things you can do to let them know even though we need to be 6 feet apart, we are still here for you.


 These can earn you 30 minutes to 4 hours of volunteer time, a certificate of completion and better the satisfaction that you have made a ripple to put a smile on someones face.   Once you select the project that is right for you you will need to


1) Be sure to become a Member of Ripple Affect so we can track your volunteer hours for your school, organizations, awards and scholarships. 

2) Send an email to Rhonda@ripple-affect.org with the dates and details and any question you may have.

3) Hold your event, be sure to take many pictures!!

4) Send us an email at Rhonda@ripple-affect.org with your pictures and stories of your completed event


Clean UP!

Want to get out of the house?  Take the time to clean up while enjoying being outside.  Litter takes away from the beauty and safety of our parks.  You can help make a safer, healthier place for wildlife and people.  Just grab a trash bag and some gloves and compete to see who can get the oddest trash, most trash, etc.  This will earn you 2 hours of volunteer hours along with a certificate. 

Print Instructions

No-Sew Blankets

Fleece blankets are used by many different charities for babies, foster children, children in the hospital, those experiencing homelessness, pets and more.  This is a fun family-oriented project that can be in one day or a way to connect several times.  Complete as many as you would like, each blanket earns 30 minutes of volunteer hours.  Be sure to sign up for "No Sew Blankets" and email Rhonda @ripple-affect.org when you are completed to arrange pick up and delivery of blankets. 

Download How to No Sew Blankets worksheet

Baby Wrapped in Blanket

Scavenger Hunt for neighbors

A great way to entertain your neighbors from a safe distance and make them smile and earn a volunteer hour and certificate for you.  Hide (not to hard) items throughout your front yard and post a dry erase board of chalkboard out front with the list so your neighbors can look and find but don't have to touch!  We can't wait to see these pictures.  Be sure to become a member and sign up for "Scavenger Hunt".  Then send pictures and notes on completed hunt to Rhonda@ripple-affect.org

Kindness Rocks

With Covid-19 many of our neighbors may be feeling depressed and alone.  Here is your chance to put a put a smile on their face and let them know they are not alone.  Not to mention it is a great activity to connect with the family and friends and earn 1 hour of volunteer hours and a certificate.  

Print Instructions

Prehistoric Rocks