Let the Ripple begin!

Welcome families, children and future leaders to simple, meaningful and fun volunteering.  Our hope is we can inspire and teach you about community needs and how you can make a ripple affecting you and your community.


Step 1

Become A Member

You'll have access to all projects, events, and a personal dashboard to track hours. In addition to : 

  • Ability to quickly find the right projects for your age and passion

  • We provide logistics, coordination, staffing, supplies, and snacks

  • Access to the newsletter

  • Personal account to record all service hours

  • Ripple Affect T-Shirt to wear to our events

  • Invitations to Ripple Affect events and activities

Step 2

Find Your Passion

Simply view the Activity Calendar  and Sign  up 

We take care of the logistics and a Team Lead to answer any questions or concerns.   


We recommend trying different projects from children to animals and lead a project.  You will find a passion area that will have special meaning and purpose and along the way you will get a chance to meet new friends and experiences. 


Step 3

Show up 

Simply show up ready for some fun.  The value of helping others and making our community a better place while working with other future leaders by your side is sure to put a smile on your face.


As you continue to grow with Ripple Affect you can achieve awards and opportunities for project management and leadership.  See Youth Volunteering for more details.


You'll learn a lot about yourself, as you try different projects.  


Endangered Animals, Wildlife and abandoned pets, each is valuable. Help protect them!


Just by engaging with our seniors, you raise their spirit and energy and maybe you'll learn a thing or two.


Our earth is our home.  Help us sustain it, planting gardens, cleaning parks and more.


Help is needed all over our earth our ripples have no boundry


Make a difference to someone experiencing hunger by helping with food banks